Isabelle Daza claps back at a netizen assuming that her son is 6ay

Isabelle Daza stood up for her son.

As a mum, you only want what’s best for your child. You would hate to see your little one going through life struggling, or ever having a tough time. In fact, it might be difficult to turn the protectiveness and worry off sometimes!

Moms are indeed the mother of all heroes.

Mothers are masters at helping their children meet this full range of human needs: from providing physical nourishment and safety, love and affection, all the way up to supporting emotional and spiritual growth.

And that’s what exactly Isabelle Daza did.

Recently, Belle posted a photo of her son’s drawing online.

A certain netizen then somewhat message her questioning her son’s gender.

“He’s 6ay? what a disgrace,” the netizen said.

“I’m sad for your family who has to put up with your values,” Belle replied.

The said netizen the response again saying that Belle had to look biblically.

Teaching Belle to don’t tolerate her kids for something that he is not supposed to be.

But then again Belle didn’t mince her words as she claps back at the said netizen.

Belle then captions their conversation saying “some people need to be educated.”

Her post then elicits mixed reactions from netizens.

Here are some of their comments:

“Kaloka si basher. Kamay lang o drawing bakla agad. At tao pa din naman ang bakla. Anong problems”

“Very liberating. I just hope there will be lot of moms like you. Your future kids are very lucky to have you.”

“Bastos yung nagcomment pero so easy naman for Isabelle to use the values card ‘pag siya yung api sa situation but when it comes to other situation, wa siya pakels sa values achu chu.”

What can you say about this?

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