Janella Salvador said that Filipinos are the worst body [email protected]

Janella Salvador has had it with people commenting negatively about her body during the holidays—officially!

In the fourth quarter of 2020, Janella created a loud buzz on social media. It is because of the revelation of her relationship with Markus Paterson and the speculations that she is already pregnant.

Photos of her and her boyfriend were given different meanings and interpretations but it all went to one speculation, that she will be a mother soon.

Amid the pregnancy rumors, netizens took notice of Janella’s physical being. Some said that she is “tumaba” which is being attributed to being pregnant. Previously, she answered those bashers who are saying that she is hiding her pregnancy.

Apparently, In a tweet on Saturday, December 26, the 22-year-old actress said that Filipinos are the worst boy shamers.

While it’s not clear what prompted Janella to post this tweet, many assume that it was because of the comments she received on her Instagram post, which features her and her boyfriend Markus Paterson.

Most of the comments she received for the video were positive, noting how Janella and Markus—who made their relationship public in September—looked happy together.

However, a few of her followers commented on her physique, calling Janella “chubs but still gorg” (chubby but still gorgeous).

Another netizen said, “Kakaanak lang siguro,” a reference to rumors that Janella allegedly gave birth in October.

Instead of directly commenting on the negative comments on Instagram, Janella took to Twitter.

“Filipinos are the worst body shamers,” she said.

Janella added: “Let me enjoy my Christmas pudding in peace. Happy holidays to you too!”

Janella is spending the holidays in the United Kingdom.   

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