Fil-Am Nurse Inherited 60 Million Dollars from her very rich heiress employer

Meet the Fil-Am nurse who inherits sixty million US dollars from her employer.

The identity of the Filipina-American nurse who received houses and cars worth $30 million and who stands to inherit another $30 million in cash from copper-mining heiress Huguette Clark has finally been revealed in a forthcoming book about the fabulous wealth and the reclusive life of the nurse’s generous mistress.

The 58-year-old nurse had been previously identified by her Jewish name, Hadassah Peri, but Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, NBC investigative reporter Bill Dedman, has found out that she was born in the town of Sapian in Capiz as Gicela Oloroso, with her father as a former vice mayor also of the same fishing town.

Raise as a Roman Catholic, Oloroso converts to Orthodox Judaism.

When she met and married in 1982 an Israeli immigrant and New York taxi driver, Daniel Peri.

Her employer is Huguette Clark, the generous and very rich heiress who spent the last two decades of her life in isolation.

An agency assigned Oloroso to be a private duty nurse for Clark in 1991 when the latter, then 84 years old was scheduled for a cancer operation. Since then she remained a loyal servant to her employer until Clark died in 2011 at the age of 104. The will of Clark described Oloroso as a “friend and loyal companion.”

Clark owned properties that are worth millions but chose to stay in hospitals for twenty years.

Clark who doesn’t have a child left Oloroso more than 30 million dollars worth of cars and properties.

She also inherits the copper-mining business of her generous employer.

Oloroso compensated the generosity of Clark by serving her with dedication for twenty years

She’s really a lucky one!

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