Jaya Calls Her Stepmothed As Her Daughter-In-Love

Having a mother is indeed one of the most blessing in this earth. You have someone who will love you no matter what happens.

Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to have a mom. It seems so hard to live to but it is the truth for many.

However, some are still blessed to have a stepmom or stepdad to make them feel loved.

Just like the other, the singer Jaya loves her daughter-in-law so much and considers her as a own child.

During her guesting in Kapamilya talk show, she mentioned that she calls her daughter-in-law as daughter-in-love Trina.

Trina is the wife of her stepson Gavin Gotidoc who decided to get married amid the pandemic. The singer shared that Gavin proposed and they started planning a simple wedding.

This special occasion was personally hosted by Jaya herself. She said that Gavin and Gary was planning how to slowly migrate in US that time and their son brought up he wedding plans.

Jaya was so supportive that she became the head planner and organizer as well of the special day of Gavin. As she love her son, she also loves her daughter-in-love.

In an episode last year, the Kapamilya singer also guested in the show and at that time, she was with Gavin. Her son expresses how much he appreciates Jaya as a real mom.

There is a special bond between the two even if they are not mother and son in blood. So it wouldn’t be a question if Jaya will also accept the wife of Gavin as her own child.

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