Rica Peralejo Is Contented On Simple Life With Pastor Husband And Their Children

Do you still remember Rica Peralejo? She was one of the most beautiful and in demand actress back in 90s to early 2000s.

If you can still recall her, the former actress also did various of projects including teleseryes and movies.

One of her most iconic movie was Hari Ng Sablay: Isang Tama Sampung Mali, a comedy genre movie. She worked with Bearwin Meily here.

The movie was about Venus and Mars who were neighbors and born at the same time. Venus (Rica) was the lucky one while Mars had to go through a lot of ‘mali’ and fell in love with Venus who became his lucky charm.

This was a film from 2005 that was featured in Cinema One for many times and kids back in the days loved it.

Now that it have also been years since Rica decided to leave her showbiz career and limelight, she is now living a contented life with her own family.

Despite of having the fame and success, Rica chose her personal life over her fruitful career. She got married with a Christian Pastor, Joseph Bonifacio.

She may be not in showbiz anymore but the Ang TV star keeps her fans updated in social media. On her Instagram, particularly, she always upload photos of her with her family.

As of now, she has two children with husband, Philip Nathaniel and Manu.

Upon lurking on her social media, you will see photos of her with no make up, messy hair and being the mom she wants to be.

Many of her fans are happy for her as she looks so contented with a simple life she invested for her own family.

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