Jolina Magdangal Turns Emotional After She Discovered What Her Driver Done For Her

Jolina Magdangal couldn’t help but to become emotional after she find out what her long time driver has done for her.

We can’t deny that having a nanny or house helper around us gives us a lot of time to save. But nowadays, it is hard to find someone who we can really trust.

Lucky enough, actress Jolina has one.

In a special episode of morning talk show Magandang Buhay, Jolina became emotional.

One of their guests that time was the long time driver of the actress whom she calls as Tatay Orly Sebolino.

Tatay Orly then shared how the Kapamilya actress helped her to build his own house. Together with Tatay Orly, was his good wife who also shared one thing that made Jolina emotional.

According to her, there was a time when Tatay Orly chose to stay with Jolina to help her instead of going in their hometown in Cebu.

At this point, the Kapamilya host couldn’t hold back her emotions and started to cry because of what she have heard.

“Kasi nakailang kasambahay na ako, hindi ko maibigay talaga yung tiwala ko, yung kakayahan kong intindihin.”

She went on sharing, “Pero is Orly, nagpaiba-iba na kasi ng kasambahay, alam niya kung ano ang pakiramdam ko, alam niya kung paano ako timplahin. Kaya minsan pag may bago kaming kasambahay, siya ang nag te-train.”

Jolina said that she was moved upon hearing the story form Orly’s wife. Her driver is not new to the actress as she actually sees him as part of their family.

In return, the star decided to pay all of their expenses inculding their family’s trip to Cebu for them to visit their loved ones.

The relationship of Jolina and Tatay Orly is only one proof on why we should treat our house helpers.

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