Morissette Amon defends fiance Dave Lamar against fans saying their engagement is a wrong decision

Morissette Amon defends fiancé Dave Lamar from a fan who disagrees with her decision to tie the knot with him.

Asia’s Phoenix Morissette Amon recently announced her engagement to boyfriend Dave Lamar.

In a lengthy post on Instagram on Monday, December 21, the phenomenal OPM singer revealed that Dave proposed to her a few months ago already.

“After finally letting our families and most of our closest friends know in the past couple of months since this happened, we’re finally ready to share it to the world.. WE’RE ENGAGED!”

But it seems not all of her fans are happy with her decision to settle down with Dave Lamar.

In an exchange with a netizen on Instagram, Morissette defended her decision to marry him.

The netizen pointed out that this plan will affect her international career.

“Wrong decision girl. This will be the end of your international career. Just like what happened to Jocelyn Enriquez. It’s okay to be in love but think about how much you’re going to lose. You are at the peak of your career right now. I’m just saying.”

The Kapamilya performer answered back, saying the netizen judged her too quickly.

“I frankly don’t think I’m going to lose ANYTHING with my decision to get married, ESPECIALLY when the man I’m gonna share my life with is the same man who is currently helping me with my music,” she answered.

She, then, told him to check out her latest single and music video shot by David.

“And this is just the beginning,” she added. “hope your food tastes great. have a happy holiday.”

Nevertheless, she firmly believes that marrying Dave Lamar will not affect her music career.

The netizen then clarified that he is a huge fan of Amon, but he is just concerned about her.

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