Donnalyn Bartolome bought a sports car, elicits mixed reaction from netizens

Donnalyn Bartolome shopped for a luxury car as a Christmas treat for herself.

Donnalyn Bartolome recently bought rescue boats.

To recall during the onslaught of typh00n Ulysses, Donnalyn went to towns in Rizal and Marikina City to help with rescue operations.

Donnalyn, along with her team, personally delivered several rescue boats she bought that same day.

Donnalyn also said that her purchase of boats also “sparked inspiration” among co-vloggers and artists to help in their own way.

More than a social media sweetheart, Donnalyn grew up taking care of her five younger siblings while balancing her studies. But nothing could stop her from pursuing her passion for music.

And last Christmas, it seems like she’s now giving herself a luxurious gift.

Donnalyn has earned a lot of money at a young age due to her talent and hard work as a music artist and vlogger.

She now has close to 10 million fans online and four music albums under her belt.

On her recent vlog, Donnalyn shopped for a luxury car as a Christmas treat for herself.

She checked and inspected different car brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche.

However, she did not show in the end which one she bought because she is planning to unveil it in her next music video. The car shopping was very entertaining because Donnalyn made a lot of jokes and shared some trivia throughout the episode.

Meanwhile, here video then elicits mixed reactions from netizens.

Here are some of their comments:

“Donnalyn is the type of person that I know can stand on her own, can make herself standout!”

“Iba pala ma-broken hearted si Donna, napapagastos ng milyon!”

“When you learn that you need to buy for your own happiness”

Watch her video below:

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