John Estrada To Young Artists Today: “Respeto lang”

John Estrada couldn’t help but to have a message to the young artists today.

In a new vlog entry that was uploaded in the Youtube channel of Carmina Villaroel, she, John and Tanya Garcia talked about the behavior of young stars today.

Carmina, John, and Tanya will be starring in the new series of GMA, Babawiin Ko Ang Lahat.

Moreover, the three all agreed that the young artists right now act so different compared to their generation. They noticed that the younger stars today doesn’t know how to show them some respect.

John said, “Isa sa mga kinaiinisan ko sa industriya ‘yung, hindi naman tayo nagpapa-(star), pero naiinis ako doon sa mga batang wala pa man, e, parang hindi ka man lang marunong batiin. Alam mo ‘yung mga ganu’n, di ba?”

To which Carmina agreed and suggested that the young starlets should always introduce themselves to the senior ones who they will work with. For her, it is sign of respect.

With what she said, Carmina asked John if he ever encountered young stars who didn’t even bother to recognize him.

To which he answered without any hesitation, “Marami na, marami din. Wala na din sila.”

While Tanya pointed out that it is impossible that these young celebrities wouldn’t recognize the senior stars.

At the end, Carmina pointed out that everyone must show respect and be a kind person.

“So bottomline, respect to everyone and all, whether you are a superstar ganyan–basta be kind! Wala naman masama if you are going to be kind.”

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