Did Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque spend time together at a beach in Amanpulo?

Several netizens believe Dominic Roque is currently on a beach getaway with Bea Alonzo.

As Bea and Dominic haven’t directly admitted or denied their relationship, speculations continue to surface.

It is regarding the real score between them.

And just recently, seems the rumored couple is spending their time together on a beach in Amanpulo.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed this after both celebrities took to their social media pages.

To share updates that they are on a beach vacation.

Although they have not posted any pictures or videos together yet, the timing of Alonzo’s and Roque’s posts suggests that they flew to Amanpulo together.

Bea shared photos and videos on her IG Story showcasing her island getaway.

One of the posts of Bea Alonzo showed her feet as she was at the beach with a beautiful view at her front.

On the recent Instagram post of Dominic Roque, he just showed his legs and the book that he was reading. What can be noticed is that the photos of the rumored appeared to have been taken at the same spot. It is because they have the same view in front of them.

Noticed that Dominic’s post and Bea’s were uploaded at almost the same time.

Several BeaDoms who commented on the post of Dominic asked where Bea is. There were also those who said “enjoy” while some gushed over their photos that apparently hinted that they are together on the beautiful island.

Roque and Alonzo have been seen together since last year, prompting speculations of a brewing romance.

Early this month, fans believed that they went out on a date based on their respective social media posts. This, despite the fact that they never posted photos of them together.

What can you say? Did they hint at something?

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