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Isabelle Daza Made A Book For Her Yaya Luning

Isabelle Daza wrote a book for their long time nanny. The actress made a children’s story book which chronicles her experiences growing up with Yaya Luning.

The said book is named after itself, Yaya Luning.

On her Instagram, the actress proudly shared snapshots of her own book.

She wrote, “@yayaluning is part of our family. I wanted to come from the point of view of someone who grew up with a yaya.”

The actress said that a nanny will always have a special place in one’s heart.

“She does not replace the role of the mother. (I know a lot of moms feel guilt or shame when the child chooses the yaya/nanny over them sometimes). Instead my book aims to convey that a yaya has a special in a child’s heart. (One that does not compete with a parent),” Isabelle said.

Moreover, the celebrity mom also pointed out that the book aims to give dignity to all the housemaids who are putting so much effort and care for their ‘alagas.’

With this book, Isabelle also hopes that this is also to “remind parents that yayas need some love and care as well.”

If you are thinking to grab a copy, Isabelle is planning to print few more copies.

This is not the first time that the actress wrote a book. Actually, she also already wrote an animation book titled Tralala the Tiger.

Isabelle specially made this for her son Balthazar.

It looks like that her studies are paying off! Becore she entered showbiz, Isabelle finished Early Childhood Education from De La Salle University.

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